Written Sunday, September 11, 2016

     Lately I’ve been seeing things. At the corner of my eyes ­­ at the edge ­­ I see something. I turn to look. There is nothing there. What did I see? Why, when I turn aside to look does what I see up and disappear? Where did it go, like the time when you close your eyes for hide and seek, and when you lift up your eyes all your friends are gone?

     Lately I’ve been having dreams, or at least remembering the dreams I get. Last week I dreamed a dream about visiting the wife of my favourite coach in high school. Strange that I was visiting her in there since in real life I hardly ever conversed with her. She was telling how they were leaving town after all that had happened. Somehow I knew that “what happened” was murder; as in someone got killed. Last night I dreamed a dream where I sat listening to someone I know who challenged a few of us to describe what hell is really like, the fire of it. Dreams are like that I guess.

     I think it’s pretty cool that one of the privileges of being human is the ability to dream dreams. Impressive stuff.

     I also believe that when I see something on the edge, and turn aside to look, that I was not seeing things. It was not imagined. There really is something there. I suppose that physicists would talk about another dimension. I believe we humans are meant to see such, and whatever we see is either some type of protector or some sort of threat to us. I believe also that, just as sure that there are realities only viewable through a microscope, so what catches the corner of our eyes is part of the reality we have been gifted with. The unseen things are just as real as what is seen through that microscope.

     Unseen things, seen. What have you seen at that edge, from the corner of your eye?


One thought on “Unseen Things

  1. Keep writing, I love how you write and I can really relate. While reading the “cracked Mug” I thought of my friend and how she is coping with grief after losing her son. I would love for her to read this. And in unseen things, I was thinking about this the other day how I feel that God loves to show us little snippets of things and how I feel that the more we are tuned in with God…so to speak, the more he reveals things to us. Thank you


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