On Hope

Written October 16, 2016 

    One of the wondrous sights I see — only at certain times of the year, mind — is placed alongside the highway into town; or rather, the highway was placed beside it.   It is under cover in the summer, leaves cloaking most of the drop down.  Peaking through from the height you can see it, but your eyes need to be directed just so, or at highway speed you miss it.  After a good amount of rain the water gushes and rushes almost in fury, a deluge coming from on high; white foaming and drowning and pounding liquid swift in flight.  It is a sight that produces delight rising up within.
     Rushing and gushing.

     On another highway in British Columbia, another dark thing lurks, shrouded in dred deeds done.  A writer I’ve read describes such a place well: Terror on Every Side.  They call it the Highway of Tears.  It could easily be renamed Highway of Fears.  Foul furies unleashed crying out for justice.  There is evil spewing out there.  We can only hope that inquiries procured will actually bring some restoration to a thing gone terribly wrong.

     If only we could do something to change it all, like so many Canadians who wish they could vote for Hilary, and can’t.

     Even though there is much good going out there, like the sun that peered through the downpour of rain last Friday, too often evil runs rapidly through it.  Murder is one of the more violent voices screaming out.  Slander and deceit seem quite quiet, quickly released, yet the stories told about others and the ways we present ourselves in false ways: such can do damage that ruins reality.  Evil is lurking over there and over here.

     Don’t give me that nonsense, either, that evil is only flourishing in those creating the news headlines.  We are fooled too easily.  We grate horror inside when we read the details about others.  We forget.  Evil is like a wild animal ready to pounce, in us.  It comes out in the same people who notice wondrous sights along the ways we travel.  Everyone who reads or listens knows about the bad guys caught and found out.  We just haven’t been discovered as yet.  It remains hid.  It hasn’t gushed out.  Be careful that what we think of as light in us, is actually darkness.

     Will justice ever come rushing and gushing out?  Will all the wrongs ever be unmade?  Will evil ever stop and go extinct like the bees are busy doing now?  What if the greatest evil of them all, the shroud the hovers over every one; the last breath we exhale?

     There will be a day when all we see is wondrous, all we do is full of thoughtful compassion, all every one thinks is good going out there.  This is hope.  Hope already grabbed is not hope.  It’s already got.  This is hope: that someone just like us can break into this earth and make all things new.  Someone just like us.  Someone who knows because he’s gone through the Terror on Every Side.  Someone who doesn’t leave just when things get rougher than water pounding down on the rocks.

     He is someone who never abandons us.  When things  turn tougher than a last minute goal; when it seems as if evil keeps demanding to be heard and all we can do is try to walk right through it; when all we want to do is give up, in and (walk) away: we will need the strength of the God of hope.  He is the very same as the one Jesus revealed.

     What gives you hope?  What stories do you know of that tell how the bully evil doesn’t get what it wants?  How have you been a part of creating those stories?  What do you do to do the good deed done, with perseverance?  Do you have hope?



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