Water Colour Sunrise 

Written November 23, 2016

I used to write songs with lyrics, and have gone back recently and revamped them.  Here is one I wrote some years back.  I was walking to work, down a steep hill, when I saw a sight that drew away my breath.

It was winter, the time of year on Vancouver Island when the mountains in the valley I live in like to dress up in fog.  Above me the moon was making its way to the place it sets.  At the same time, the source of light for that moon was peeking up over the horizon.  It was a beautiful piece of art.

I have yet to figure out how you can hear this as well, but here you can read it at least.

Water Colour Sunrise 
Walking down                                                              Here I see not                                                                                       I tilt back to see                                                           of this earth                                                                             Such brilliant Art                                                        a Light switched on                                                                                   I let my breath out.                                                    set on a Dome of blue.

What a lovely sight this                                                                                                                         Water colour sunrise                                                                                                                              Trying to peek through                                                                                                                               the hood of fog:                                                                                                                                                       Up above the moon is sliding down                                                                                                           to the left the Greater Light is busting up.

Sweeping shadows to the side                                                                                                                 exposing greens and frosts and muffled brights.        


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